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Piraeus Hotels Greece Port Travel Guide 2008 all the informations about hotels history taxi transfers tours and more........
Piraeus Greece
Piraeus Taxis
Taxis in Piraeus or Athens are reasonable, cheap and quite easy to find. Sometimes taxis are shared with others if passengers are travelling in the same direction. Often if the taxi driver don't like your destination he refuse to take you. Always make sure that the taxi meter is running and that it is not showing “2” - this is the double fare for use late at night. Always use licenced yellow cabs. Official Taxis in Piraeus or Athens are marked with the word "Taxi" written in black lettering against white background. Some taxi companies offer online reservations this can be more expensive but always more safe and never shared with others.

Before using a taxi, you should also be aware of the following:

Taxi driver's obligations:
He should carry passenger's luggage from the pavement to the vehicle and vice versa.
He is not entitled to deny you a ride and cannot pick up extra passengers without your permission.
Passenger may request a waiting time up to 15 minutes, or more if there is a serious reason.
Upon passenger's request, the driver is obliged to issue an invoice stating the route and metred fare paid.
ATG Taxi Tips .

You can tip the driver (but only if you want to) at a rate of 5 - 10% at your own discretion.

Online reservations Always use a credit card to protect yourself against fraud. Be suspicious of emails or websites that originate from free email & web hosting services (yahoo, Googlepages, hotmail, gmail, aol, etc)

A taxi driver and a tour guide are not the same, a taxi driver by the Greek law can not guide inside the archaeological sites and museums. If you need a guide for your visit you need a licensed guide and a driver. A taxi service cover only the transfers and the waiting time.
Indicative TAXI Charges from Piraeus Port
Piraeus Satellite Map
Night 24:00 05:00
ATHENS AIRPORT  Via Varis Koropiou
ATHENS AIRPORT  Via National Attiki high way
10 euro
09 euro
10 euro
11 euro
13 euro
09 euro
10 euro
09 euro
28 euro
31 euro
06 euro
10 euro
13 euro
12 euro
13 euro
17 euro
21 euro
12 euro
13 euro
10 euro
40 euro
47 euro
07 euro
13 euro
The Above Taxi prices include flat rate, tolls and luggage. Source Piraeus Port Authority SA 2009
Recommended companies / online taxi bookings
Recommended Companies / private taxi tours
Global Taxi Reservations Ltd is the first Athens taxi network to offer real-time internet bookings this Company aims to cover a long lasted need in the travel market for both foreign and domestic visitors. Each person arriving or travelling in need of a confirmed, efficient and professional service
Athina Taxi Club can offer you any private taxi tour to Athens city from the port of Piraeus.
Services: Shore excursions for cruise clients from the harbour of Piraeus, Athens Airport transfers, cruise ports day trips, Bussines day services, tailormade private tours

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