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Travelling Styles
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People travel for all sorts of reasons, and choose to do all sorts of things while they're away. Many people choose to do things on holiday that reflect their interests at home, while others use the opportunity to try something new. Others might choose to do as little as possible. Each type of travel brings its own benefits and pitfalls: here are some of them:

1) Adventure holidays Many people choose to use travel to take part in adventurous activities of all kinds. This might be scuba diving, cycling, walking, or skiing, among many others. If you can think of a sport or activity, then you can make it into your holiday. Adventure travelis a great way of trying a new sport or building on existing skills, and can be both satisfying and exciting. However, it's vital to check out the teaching and safety credentials of companies running adventure holidays, and to have good insurance in case things go wrong. Finding cheap travel insurance can be easy, remember to book it at the time your making your reservations.

2) Relaxing holidays Many people see holidays as a chance to simply relax. Most of us lead busy lives, and a week away is a chance to get out of the rat race and enjoy a simpler life for a while. This can make for an enjoyable holiday, but boredom can set in after a couple of days doing nothing.

3) Learning holidays From cookery classes in Italy, to French courses in France, more and more people are seeing a holiday as a chance to learn something new. While French language courses might not be everyone's idea of fun, others might find that their learning holiday has lasting benefits, either at home or in the workplace.

4) Working holidays The term working holidays might sound like a contradiction in terms. However, it is possible to use a holiday as a chance to help others, pick up new skills or indulge long-standing interests, all at the same time. Helping out on an organic farm, being a volunteer English teacher, or taking part in conservation work are all popular options. You might not come home relaxed, but you will come home feeling satisfied that you've helped others and perhaps improved your CV into the bargain.