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There are several modes of transportation from Piraeus to Athens. You have the option of metro, bus or taxi. Cars for hire are also available.

The metro can be used to travel from Piraeus to the heart of Athens. It can also be used to travel to Athens airport. A trip to Athens using the metro costs 0.80. If you are planning to go to Athens airport, the ticket will cost you the same. A free bus operates on the port collecting passengers from the ships to the metro station.

Travelling from Piraeus to Athens in a bus is the second option travellers have. If you opt to use a bus to travel to Athens, it will cost roughly 3 to get to the airport. To get to various parts of the city, it costs 0.80. Due to the heavy traffic associated with the area, you are advised to avoid the bus if you are in a hurry.

Taxis offer more flexibility. To get to Athens one would have to part with 15. This will get one to the centre of the city. If you plan to travel to the airport, the price is higher at roughly 40.

Cars for hire are also available from various car hire companies. There are several rent-a-car companies located in the metro station area. Renting a vehicle at Piraeus is advisable only if you have a good understanding of the area. Otherwise you might find it a bit tricky making your way out. You have the option of renting a vehicle online.